We accommodate only participants in educational events.

We have prepared 14 rooms for you, in which there are a total of 29 beds.

The accommodation block is located in the south-eastern wing of the hospital. Approximately 70 m from the parking lot (only for cars) and 50 m from the Hospoda Na Sýpce

Price per person

 1 night                                                                                                                        CZK 550
 1 night (children over 4 years old or younger with the right to a bed)    CZK 550
  • The price is per person/night.
  • The price includes 12% VAT.
  • It is necesseary to add to the price stay fee of CZK 21/night.
  • In case of requesting a double room for one person, the price is 1 100 CZK / night.
  • Children up to 4 years old without the right to a bed are free.
  • Accommodation capacity is 29 beds.


Accommodation rules of the Kuks Hospital

  • Arrival by 16:00 after telephone appointment / departure by appointment.
  • After arrival at the Hospital, you have to prove yourself with a valid identity document (ID card or passport).
  • You will receive a key to your room, which also unlocks the entrance door to the accommodation facilities.
  • Bed linen and toilet paper are provided in the rooms. We do not provide personal hygiene items (towels, bath towels, shower gels).
  • Bringing your own slippers with you is recommended (we have carpets in the rooms).
  • We do not provide daily room cleaning during the accommodation. We will always clean them after the end of your stay.
  • During your stay, use only the spaces provided for your accommodation.
  • Smoking (including electronic cigarettes), relocation of furniture and any interventions in the electrical network are prohibited in all areas of the Hospital.
  • For safety reasons, you may only use electrical appliances in the room for personal hygiene (razors, hair dryers…) and chargers (for mobile phones, laptops, cameras…).
  • In accordance with the applicable regulations you are liable for damage to the property and obliged to report it to the Hospital administration.
  • Night rest is set between 22:00 - 06:00. We ask you to follow this principle with respect to your roommates.
  • Always turn off the lights in common areas.
  • Keep tidy (vacuum cleaners on request). At the end of your stay, we ask you to clean the fridge and to wash and clean the dishes in the kitchen.
  • Accommodation with dogs and other animals is not allowed.
  • When signaling a fire alarm (siren), leave the building immediately (see evacuation plan) and wait for instructions from the Hospital or fire brigade.
  • When leaving the room, please remove the bed linen, turn the heating heads to *, turn off the lights, close the windows and water taps.
  • At the end of your stay, lock the room and hand over the keys to the Hospital administration.
The head of educational events must report accommodated foreigners to the Hospital administration.


price list and accommodation rules download here

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